Four Paws Veterinary Center

4524 Dublin Boulevard
Dublin, CA 94568



Green Commitment


We here at Four Paws Veterinary Center are very concerned about the day-to-day impact our facility has on the environment.  That's why we have taken many steps to minimize our impact and "green" our veterinary center while maintaining our unique high standard of compassionate veterinary care.  Examples of our green efforts are listed below:

1.  We are a nearly paper-less practice.  This means that we use electronic medical records exclusively.  We do use paper on a daily basis; but it is mostly limited to certificates (spay/neuter/vaccines) and receipts (some of which are emailed to clients).

2.  We proudly partner with the City of Dublin and Amador Valley Industries "Dublin Recycle Program" to recycle or repurpose all of our recyclable waste.  They even had to bring us an additional recycling bin to handle our volume.

3.  Our sharps (needles and scapel blades) are processed by a firm that uses a new, patent-pending process to convert the hazardous waste to a purposeful energy source for industry.  Additionally, the recycling system relies on established mail and parcel carriers, whose vehicles are on the roads every day, eliminating the emissions from duplicate specialized medical waste disposal vehicles.

4.  We utilize state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology for regular x-rays and dental x-rays.  No more hazardous chemicals to dump down drains or contract to dispose of.  No more silver-based hard copy x-rays to store and dispose.

5.  We use front-end loaded washers and dryers to reduce water consumption.  And we utilize polyester fleece towels and blankets which dry within 10 minutes; rather than slow-drying cotton-based linens.

6.  We produce our own distilled water on-site for use in steam sterilization and dental procedures; rather than buying plastic bottles of water that has been transported from a distant factory.