Four Paws Veterinary Center

4524 Dublin Boulevard
Dublin, CA 94568


In Case of Emergency

Emergencies can be frightening. It is important to remain calm which will help settle your sick or injured pet.  Please drive safely.  Four Paws Veterinary Center recommends the following:

1.  Do not administer any medicine to your pet.  If heavily bleeding, apply direct pressure with a clean towel or cloth.

2.  If your pet has swallowed poison or human medication:  Do not attempt to make your pet vomit.  Please bring the poison container, medicine container, or vial with your pet.

3.  Try to call 925-829-PAWS (7297) ahead of your arrival.  This will allow the Four Paws health care team to prepare for your arrival and help bring your pet into the clinic.

4.  Expect that our staff may immediately ask to bring your pet to our treatment area for urgent care upon your arrival.

5.  If we are closed, Four Paws Veterinary Center recommends the following after-hours, emergency centers.


Sage Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care 


Ironhorse VetCare: Emergency & Specialty Care Center